Fund universities instead of protecting tax havens!

The tax tricks of corporations and the super-rich cost us a fortune: in the EU, tax worth 1,000 billion Euros is evaded, parked in tax havens and channelled past the Treasury via letterbox companies each year. For that amount of money it would be possible, for instance invest 300 times as much money in universities.

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Quality Education for the World We Want

This short advocacy video by the Global Education First Initiative highlights the transformative power of quality education, its positive impact on reducing poverty, improving health or empowering women. It also explores two major challenges we are facing to achieve quality education for all : the lack of qualified teachers and quality infrastructure. 

It's time to tackle tax havens

It's time to tackle tax havens

A day in the life of your taxes

Carol Bellamy (GPE): Investing in EFA and the post-2015 agenda

Power of Tax: Tax Pays For Girls’ Education

Globally each year, poor countries are losing an estimated US$138 billion in tax breaks and US$200 billion through companies avoiding their taxes altogether.

If big companies paid their fair share of tax, more money would be available to fund the education of millions of children like Rita. Tax is the best way to sustainably fund education and we need to take it back.

The global movement for tax justice asks global leaders to deliver quality public education for all, especially for girls, through fairer tax.

When Europe forgot its homework: education in crisis

Despite the wide consensus on the fact that quality education is a key element to exit the economic and social crisis, to reduce social inequalities, to increase social well-being and democratic participation in society, education systems in many European countries are deteriorating.
This documentary produced by ETUCE with support from the European Commission looked in-depth into the reality of five countries: Greece, Italy, Portugal, Spain and Ireland, which have experienced very big cut backs in education. The Project has been led by ETUCE and its affiliates OLME in Greece, TUI in Ireland, FLC-CGIL in Italy, FNE in Portugal and FECCOO in Spain as project partners.
The film-documentary is a wake-up call for the politicians in the EU countries and a new way forward for quality education.

Susan Hopgood's statement for GEFI's anniversary

Austerity in Spain: A short cut

Australia: Mobilisation through the "I Give a Gonski" Campaign (Angelo Gavrielatos, AEU)

Pr. Andy Hargreaves: Building a Teacher-Powered Education System

In this video, Professor Andy Hargreaves (Lynch School of Education, Boston College) argues that the common assertion "The creativity of an education system cannot surpass the creativity of its teachers" is incorrect because of what teachers can achieve by working together creatively.

He asks what it would really take to flip the system so that teachers are at the steering wheel of education reform worldwide and how we can achieve a shift of focus from individual teacher quality to collaborative professionalism.

Teachers: A day in a life


"Teachers: A day in a life" is a documentary that was produced by Education International, with support from the Open Society Foundations. The film captures a typical day in the life of several different teachers around the world, showcasing the similarities and differences between the contexts and conditions in which both teaching and learning take place in their countries - Argentina, Belgium, Canada, India and Togo, respectively.

Teachers' voices are a strong reminder of the fact that both access to, and participation in quality education is the basis for the sustainable and democratic development of societies. This documentary gives a face to those teachers that are otherwise underrepresented within their professions; it shows the passion, dedication and commitment to their work, despite the challenges they see and experience within the limits of their education systems today.

The documentary was intended to coincide with World Teachers' Day 2014.

PISA: Questions from a teacher's perspective

NEA President Dennis Van Roekel: Making the voice of teachers heard

Lärarförbundet: Don't let children pay for the crisis!